Vermont's largest newspaper says legalization shouldn't happen this year, raises a number of questions and concerns

The Burlington Free Press editorial board has published and editorial calling on the Vermont General Assembly to "wait until we know more and are better prepared to handle the consequences," while simultaneously raising a number of questions and concerns about legalization, including the impact on youth use rates. 

Read the editorial here

AAPVT Vice President Appears on VPR's Vermont Edition

Dr. Jill Rinehart was a guest on the Feb. 25th edition of Vermont Public Radio's Vermont Edition.  

Dr. Rinehart made her case against the legalization of marijuana, while Matt Simon of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana and the national Marijuana Policy Project, provided the opposition viewpoint.

Listen to the show here

Six Vermont Physician Groups Caution Legislature About the Dangers of Legalized Marijuana 

A group of doctors representing six statewide physician organizations came together January 28th with a single voice to caution the Vermont General Assembly and public to be fully aware of potential risks of marijuana, and the possible implications of making it legal.

As part of a press conference held at the statehouse, the doctors released a statement signed by six of Vermont’s largest physician organizations: the Vermont Medical Society, Vermont Academy of Family Physicians, Vermont Psychiatric Association, Vermont Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter, and the American College of Physicians Vermont Chapter.  
Speakers highlighted many of marijuana’s known harmful health and social effects, including: significant alterations in brain growth and structural integrity, particularly among young users; a doubling of the risk of motor vehicle accidents; reduced academic success; and increased future mental health problems, including a 40-percent increase in the rate of psychosis, a worsening of PTSD symptoms, and development of later anxiety disorders (citations available in the link above).

Additionally, speakers discussed how legalization sends a powerful message to our youth that society regards it as “safe,” argued that Vermont’s current mental health and substance abuse treatment infrastructure is already insufficient to address existing needs, and recommended that Vermont wait until more data can be compiled from states that have legalized marijuana. 

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