Vermont once again tops healthiest state rankings

For the fourth-consecutive year, Vermont has been named the nation’s healthiest state by the United Health Foundation.
The state has steadily risen in the last 20-plus years of the group’s America’s Health Rankings, moving from 20th in 1990 to the top spot today.  
Here is what the United Health Foundation had to say about Vermont:
Vermont’s strengths include its number one position for all health determinants combined, which includes ranking in the top 10 states for a high rate of high school graduation, a low violent crime rate, a low incidence of infectious disease, a low prevalence of low birthweight infants, high per capita public health funding, a low rate of uninsured population, and ready availability of primary care physicians. Vermont’s challenges are a high prevalence of binge drinking at 18.5 percent of the adult population, a moderate occupational fatalities rate at 3.9 deaths per 100,000 workers, and a moderately high cancer death rate at 185.0 deaths per 100,000 population.
For the complete America’s Health Rankings, click here, or see Vermont’s statistics here.


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