House rejects marijuana legalization, home grow

The Vermont House widely rejected the Senate's proposal to legalize recreational use and sale of marijuana Tuesday night (May 3), while also more narrowly shooting down legislation that would have decriminalized the posession of two marijuana plants for home, personal use.

The AAPVT had been very active in the campaign against the loosening of marijuana restrictions throughout the legislative session and applauds the legislative outcomes. The state’s pediatricians appreciate the diligent and respectful attention that the Vermont House and the entire General Assembly paid to this important issue.  

We are very pleased with the House’s rejection of legalization and home grown marijuana, and believe it is an acknowledgement of the harm that more marijuana in the state would cause, especially when it comes to the state’s youth and health outcomes. 

While the state’s physicians applaud efforts to increase youth education and prevention, training for law enforcement, and efforts to combat impaired driving, they are concerned that the study committee approved by the House could be constructed as a fait accompli for legalization.  They respectfully request that committee members closely study all of the available research, including troubling data emerging that suggest legalization has increased youth use rates in other states. 

As the study and the process in general move forward Vermont’s physicians welcome any opportunity to be involved in the process, willingly offering an important prospective in this debate based on scientific research and out of a concern for their patients. 


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